Open Business Seminars

For the requirements of individual employees, you will find the best language solution at educom with our open seminars. The open business trainings are conducted by our cooperation partner Fokus Sprachen & Seminare GmbH.

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Open Business Seminars from the current Program Catalogue:

Business Seminare bei educom - Führen im Team ohne Vorgesetztenfunktion

Open Trainings:
Personal and Social Competence

  • Present– Convince– Inspire
  • Strong Communication
  • Complaints Management

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Trainings für Firmenkunden - bei educom erhalten Sie offene Business Seminare

Open Trainings: Management and Leadership

  • Effective Leadership in the Sandwich-Position
  • Conflict Management
  • First-time Supervisor
  • Leading without authority
  • Leading teams successfully

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Freuen Sie sich über Ihren Erfolg! Bei Ihrem Weiterbildungsanbieter educom können Sie offene Firmenseminare und Trainings buchen.

Open Trainings: Professional Skills

  • Purchasing Training: Basics
  • Sales and Purchasing: Basics
  • HR-Deployment Management

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More Business Seminars

Wechseln Sie die Perspektive und buchen Sie Trainings, die Ihr Unternehmen wirklich weiterbringt

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We would be happy to tailor seminars to your specific company needs –our educom consultants are there for you.

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