Language Courses for your Profession

educom specializes in vocational language courses – offered in over 50 languages!

educom bietet Sprachkurse in englisch, deutsch, spanisch, französich und 50 weitere Sprachen

Learn more about the wide range of educom’s language courses for employees.

  • Group language courses at the company or at the educom-center
  • Individual language courses at the company or at home
  • Open group language courses at the educom-center

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Sprachseminar oder Sprachtraining in der Gruppe für Privatkunden

Improve your individual language needs for day to day responsibilities.

  • Open group lessons at the educom center with a part time evening course
  • Open group lessons at the educom center with an intensive course during the day

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Take part in the subsidized courses offered in English and German at educom.

  • Promotion of professional development (FBW – Bildungsgutschein)
  • AVGS-Programme (Aktivierungs- und Vermittlungsgutschein)
  • BAMF (Berechtigungsgutschein)

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