Intercultural Training

Multicultural teams have become standard in large and small companies and international business relationships are on the agenda. Different cultures can be a challenge, but ideally an enrichment. Thus, intercultural training supports cultural understanding for successful collaboration in a company.

Intercultural management not only means understanding the foreign culture, but also helps one question and analyze their own cultural values. The customized intercultural trainings of educom cover both general and country specific topics. Here you get to know the communication culture of your colleagues and business partners, allowing one to reflect on personal social norms as well as to overcome distances in the international workplace.

Interkulturelles Training educom - Arabische Geschäftsmänner verhandeln internationales Geschäft

In order to tailor your company-specific needs for specialists, executives and employee groups, educom offers individual and relevant inhouse training courses.

  • Intercultural Training Foundations – inhouse
  • Intercultural Training Proficiencies – inhouse
  • Intercultural Training Countries – inhouse

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Asiatische Geschäftsleute sitzen am Tisch - Interkulturelle Trainings bei educom

You will also find the right solution for meeting the requirements of individual employees with our open seminars. The open business trainings are carried out by our cooperation partner “Fokus Sprachen & Seminare GmbH”.

  • Intercultural Training: Foundations – open
  • Intercultural Training: Proficiencies – open
  • Intercultural Training: Countries – open

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We are also happy to prepare further seminars tailored to your company – our educom consultants are there for you.

At an intercultural seminar organized by educom, your employees will learn the exact content they need in their professional lives and can implement it immediately.

In addition, your employees in our programmes will work with classroom materials that reflect workplace challenges one-to-one.

Each intercultural education has a different approach. After all, whether the needs in the company have been created through mergers & acquisitions, joint ventures or other business alignment, when borders and cultural barriers are exceeded, employees need the right tools to operate successfully on an international level. Therefore, educom offers seminars in various fields, such as intercultural communication, diversity management or country-specific intercultural trainings for China, USA, Russia, and many other regions.

In order to fully understand the topic of culture, the cultural dimensions considered in educom‘s intercultural trainings are:

Interkulturelle Kommunikation und interkulturelle Kompetenz durch ganzheitliche Trainings mit Betrachtung der zehn Kulturdimensionen bei educom

  • Relationship – Rules
  • Individual – Collective
  • Security – Uncertainty
  • Long Term – Short Term
  • Neutral – Emotional
  • Masculine – Feminine
  • Performance – Status
  • Flexible – Fixed
  • Universal – Specific
  • Direct – Indirect

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