Small Talk Language Course – German

Course number : 24-S-g-g
practical – relevant – current language learning

Language course for Small Talk

Small talk opens doors – provided you master the way around this business discipline in the foreign language. Your employees will learn to establish their first impressions with confidence. They will train in areas such as breaking the ice, initiating conversation or the transition to another topic.

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Content for the small talk specialized German language course

  • Greet and get to know one another
  • Master common small talk topics
  • Include recommendations and prompts
  • Introduce new points, change the topic
  • Accept invitations or politely decline
  • Get involved in a conversation
  • Handle difficult issues carefully and respectfully
  • Establish commitment and terminate conversations professionally

Advantages of the language course

  • Fits together course content for small talk
  • Subject-specific training material
  • Complementing course content with business communication and intercultural topics
  • Trains realistic action situations
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Target Group

Specialists and executives starting from the A2 language level

Scope of the inhouse language training “group”

  • 3 days (30 lesson units) – 1 lesson unit = 45 minutes
  • Available all over Germany, including Hamburg and Munich
  • Group size of inhouse training “group”: 4-6 employees


Only methodically first-class trainings ensure lasting success. Therefore, educom has developed the EDA method: It divides each training sequence into the three phases “Explore”, “Develop”, and “Apply”. This specialized language training in “German for Small Talk” gives you exactly the content that you need in your professional life.

Looking for different language course format?

  • Individual training in the office or at the educom center (private)
  • Inhouse language course 2-3 participants (team)
  • Group discounts and coach leasing from 7 participants:
  • Intensive course (3 days) or progressive training (1-2 times / week)
  • Open language courses at the educom center
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