Understanding Eastern Europe – working effectively - Inhouse

Course number : 80-Ov-i-e

Intercultural training for Eastern Europe – make a great impression

Establishing your business in Eastern Europe. With intercultural expertise, your employees will make an excellent impression when greeting new clients or partners, at conferences or in day-to-day dealings with business partners. Knowing the basics of Eastern European business etiquette opens doors: this practical training on cultural values and sensitive topics is essential for successful business dealings in countries such as Hungary, Romania or Bulgaria.

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Contents of the seminar “Understanding Eastern Europe – working effectively”

  • Eastern Europe – one region, many countries and sub-cultures
  • Cultural self-perception and external perception, reflecting on differences
  • Understanding cultural values in Eastern Europe
  • Comparing communication, work and leadership styles
  • Conducting negotiations with Eastern Europeans
  • Mastering presentations and meetings with business partners of the region
  • Recognising intercultural areas of conflict and extrapolating action strategies
  • Establishing and maintaining relationships with customers and business partners in Hungary, Romania, Bulgaria etc.

Advantages of the educom®-inhouse seminars

  • Small groups of 2-8 participants
  • Needs analysis before starting the training
  • High practical relevance through exercises and case studies
  • Trainer with years of professional and training experience
  • Inhouse training, on request also at the educom-center, including Munich and Hamburg
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Target group

Specialists and managers from all industries and departments

Course times and scope of the inhouse seminar “Understanding Eastern Europe”

  • Appointments throughout Germany available upon request, also at an educom-centers in Hamburg and Munich
  • 2 days
  • Seminar times: 9:00 to 17:00
  • Available seminar languages:
    • Business Seminare in Deutsch und Englisch buchen - educom macht es möglichGerman
    • English
  • Group size of the inhouse seminar: 2-8 employees
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In the educom “Understanding Eastern Europe” seminar your employees learn the relevant content they need in their professional lives, so that they can implement the new knowledge directly at work. This is achieved through our “P-K-B-Method“: P (Perspective) is a phase of self-reflection. This is followed by the knowledge gain and the learning of new techniques K (“Know-how“). These are then transferred to concrete professional practice B (“Best Practice“). The participants of our inhouse programs will have access to classroom material that reflect their common workplace challenges.

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