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Over 12 years of experience, competence, and passion in education with more than 20,000 satisfied customers in Germany, Austria, and Switzerland.

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Language Courses for Companies- and Individual Learners

Language Course – Business Seminars – Intercultural Trainings

Whether professional training for companies, subsidized language courses for jobseekers, or language camps for children and teenagers – learn something that is really relevant and you can keep using! We bring the professional challenges of your employees into the training room, overcome cultural barrier,s and help shape your children’s linguistic success for their future. Learn at educom for “real” life.

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Language courses in English, German, and 50 other languages

Courses in German, English and many other languages ​​centrally located and easily accessible at the educom language schools in Munich, Stuttgart, Dusseldorf and Hamburg, in your company or in the virtual classroom. Learning languages ​​as private lessons, in a team or in a group, as a basic language course, as well as for a specific skill, department or industry.

Special subsidized language courses: English and German for jobseekers and immigrants.

Business seminars with valuable content for working life

For companies or individuals who want to build personal, social or professional skills and expand in management and leadership in different languages. With classroom materials from everyday business that reflect challenges in the workplace. Our business seminars such as presentation training, rhetoric seminar or team leadership are offered in English and German as well as open group courses, in-house trainings or virtual classrooms.

Intercultural training – understanding foreign cultures

All about cultural differences in other countries, especially business relations or working in multicultural teams. This focuses on the foundations of intercultural competence, the application of skills across borders or country-specific know-how. It is offered in German or English at your company, in the virtual classroom or at one of our centers in Munich, Dusseldorf, Hamburg or Stuttgart.

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Explore the entire educom® portfolio of more than 100 courses, seminars, and trainings all in one – leaf through our print catalogue and online flip catalogue.

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